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The International Children's Games Committee in Kerry have decided to enter a team of 8-9 Track n Field athletes from the clubs in Kerry at this year's Games, in Kecskemet, Hungary-(about an hour from Budapest) and invite athletes who are interested in participating at the event to take part in trials which take place :
On Saturday Feb 1st at 11:00 am at an Riocht
This year's Games will take place from June 30th to July 5th
The Tralee/Kerry team will travel
 to Budapest on June 28th from Cork and stay 2 nights in Budapest and then onto Kecskemet, returning to Budapest airport and Cork on July 5th
Age Category:
The age requirements are as follows: Any athlete who is 12 on Jan 1st 2020 and still 15 on Dec 31st 2020 may compete at the Games. All within those age categories may attend the trials
Athletic Events:
Boys: 100m, 400m, 100m hurdles, 1500m; Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put; 4 x 100 m relay; 4x100m relay-mix (2 b, 2 g)
Girls: 100m, 400m, 80m hurdles, 800m: Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put; 4 x 100 m relay and mixed relay-4 x 100 m
Athletes may compete in 2 events max plus a relay
Two athletes max per one event
The ICG Games are running since 1968 annually-a multi sport event, with athletics and swimming as core sports.They are organised through City Councils worldwide and recognised and supported by the International Olympic Committee.
Tralee/Kerry are participating since 2005 organised by a voluntary group of people who arrange selection, travel, accommodation, preparation and fund raising activities in conjunction with the requirements of the host city organising committee.
Each participating city or town are allowed carry maximum 18 children-boys and girls-plus 4 coaches and 2 delegates = total delegation of 24. 
Tralee/Kerry have had representation in soccer, athletics, swimming, golf, basketball, judo etc since 2005 and won a Gold Medal in Manama, Bahrain in the long jump and silver medals in the 4 x 400 m relay in San Francisco. Last year's team in Ufa Russia included Melissa Ahern, Lisa Cassidy, Aine O Shea,Bobby Byrne and Alison Butler.
Tralee/Kerry will have athletes competing in Swimming, Judo and Athletics at this year's Games in Hungary.
The date for trials is Saturday Feb 1st at 11 am in An Riocht
Any Queries to Mike Culloty, Chairman (087-6383892 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Websites for further information:

Presentation of Ufa Certificates

Today marked the final event of the Russian International Children's Games in Ufa last July. The Presentation of Certificates from the Ufa Games Organisers took place at the Rose Hotel in Tralee at 5:30. In a very special and unique celebration , the Mayor of each Municipal District in Kerry presented the Certs to the athletes who resided within their District. Mayors Jim Finucane, Jimmy Moloney, Mick Gleeson and Breandan Mac Gearailt, along with former Mayor of Kerry, Norma Foley, were on hand to present to 7 Killarney athletes, 6 Tralee athletes, 3 Listowel athletes and one from Kenmarel It was a lovely evening for all involved and great to meet again as a group for the first time since the return from Russia. Thanks to all involved and best wishes for the future.

Tralee will not attend Jerusalem Games this year

It is with great disappointment that Tralee ICG announces that it will not be sending a team to represent Tralee at this year's ICG Games to be held in Jerusalem in late July and early August. The decision was taken at last week's committee meeting and was strongly influenced by safety concerns for children, coaches and adults who would be travelling with the team.

Tralee ICG regrets that it cannot afford the opportunity to represent our town and county to the young athletes who have already indicated their intention to attend trials. It is the first time since 2005 that Tralee will not have a team and there is a sadness al round associated with what was a very hard decision to make in the interests of the athletes and coaches.

As always Tralee ICG extends its appreciation to everyone who has supported our participation over the past 13 years and to all the wonderful athletes and their parents and the coaches who have worked with teams. Thanks for the fabulous memories and achievements.



Report from Kaunas, Lithuania



Tralee at the ICG Games 2017

The Tralee International Children's Games teams returned from Kaunas, Lithuania on Sunday evening with great memories of shared experiences on and off the playing fields. The Tralee teams had performed with distinction in soccer, basketball, judo and athletics while the travelling supporters/family members were a tremendous assistance to coaches and teams. Incredibly Tralee had a full delegation of 50 members at the event and the largest number of supporters of any town or city at the Kaunas Games. All helped to further Tralee's reputation at the Games and produce an experience that will linger in the memory for all athletes, coaches and supporters.

Early days in Kaunas:

Tralee arrived in Kaunas late on Thursday night (June 29th) from Shannon airport and arrived by bus to their accommodation in the Hof Hotel in central Kaunas. On Friday everyone participated in a walking tour of Kaunas city, with its magnificent pedestrianised streets, cultural centres, churches, shops and museums. Unfortunately the weather was poor on the day and took from the overall experience and in many ways the weather throughout the week was typically Irish, with sunshine and showers predominant.
On a rain free and sunny Saturday the delegation visited Trakai Castle, which was an early point of fortification and power for the dukes of the region. It is a truly beautiful restored building, appearing to rest gently in the calm waters of a very large lake, with much for the visitor to experience in its rooms, passageways and historical presentations. The fighting of the knights and their good humoured explanations of how best to succeed with an opponent drew large and appreciative audiences. Prior to departure to Vilnius, the capitol of Lithuania, the Tralee contingent were served a local drink and local dish known as kibin, which for all the world was like a Cornish pasty and tasted delicious.
Vilnius was like Kaunas in terms of what is referred to as the "old town" and the "new town", terms which mark the recent economic development in both cities since their freedom from the Soviet Union in 1990 and their entry to the European Union in more recent times. The pride of the Lithuanian people in their relatively new found freedom and in the present day control of their own destiny was very evident throughout and their past struggles remain crystal clear within the national consciousness. As the two major cities of Lithuania, both of which have served as the country's capitol at various times in its history, they serve as a monument to the past and a symbol of a brighter future for the people of the nation.
On Sunday the tour to the Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumsiskes was greatly hampered by a constant drizzle. Nevertheless the mode of life, works and traditions of the peasants and townspeople of Lithuania's five ethnographic regions was still in evidence for all to see and much of it was reminiscent of our own customs and traditions around farming, lace making, small country schools and early Christian churches and symbols.
On Monday a visit to Uno Park-an adventure forest park which contained over 100 climbing events and five different trails graded in terms of difficulty and suitable for all ages and levels- will remain one of the highlights of Tralee's stay in Kaunas. Athletes, coaches, parents and family members took with gusto to the challenges presented by the various climbs and in the main completed their course. In hindsight it may be said that the younger the child the less fear and greater balance was evident, but nevertheless it may also be said that the climbing trails succeeded in bringing the child within out of everybody. It was a sight to behold in some!

The Kaunas Games:

On Tuesday, July 4th, the various teams from the 88 cities represented at the Games by the participating 1,750 athletes began to arrive in Kaunas. The Tralee teams were bussed to Kaunas University where they were accommodated and had their meals for the next 6 days. Wednesday was a training day for all athletes, with each team allocated a training time at their competition venues. That evening the Opening Ceremony was held in the Kaunas Sports Hall and televised live on TV 3 Lithuania.
It was spectacular in its own way-if a little too long overall- with many performances of local Lithuanian dancing and singing by the stars of the country's music industry. The atmosphere in the hall, with athletes, coaches and supporters present was magnificent and the biggest cheer of the night on the introduction of visiting teams came from the Irish supporters, suitably decked out in tricolour paint and Irish flags. The TV cameras and the local paparazzi could not resist the Tralee supporters, who revelled in the attention!


Competitions began on Thursday and all Tralee teams were in action. On the Track Sean and Tim Pollmen-Daamen both finished 4th in their respective heats of the 1500m in times of 4:34.83 and 4:42.72 respectively, which placed Sean in the A Final, and Tim in the B Final on Friday. Tim ran first and was just pipped at the post into second place in a time of 4:33:20-9 seconds up on his heat time-a remarkable achievement. Sean finished 11th in the A Final in a time of 4:36:39 and both boys can be really proud of their performances as they were a year younger than most of their competitors. In the 400m heat Basit Oyejambi ran well and finished 4th in a time of 56:94, which did not allow him to advance.


In basketball the Tralee team of Mary O Connell, Aoife Dillane, Rachel Kilgallen and Rebecca Conway played in the first ever 3V3 competition at the Children's Games. The game is decided over 10 minutes or first to score 21 points and essentially played within the half court. They suffered a heavy defeat in their opening game 17-5 to hosts Kaunas but bounced back to defeat Tripoli of the Lebanon in their second game on the same score line. In their final group game against Raanana of Israel they went under by just one point (5-4) after both teams had battled hard for a quarter final placing.
The team then went into a group to finalise places from 9th to 16th, and defeated Netanya from Israel 17-6, to put the previous day's disappointment behind them. Playing with renewed confidence the girls overcame Darmstadt of Germany 15-4 in what was their best overall display, and then went on to defeat Kitchener of Canada in their final game. This gave the girls a final placing of 9th overall in Tralee's first outing in 3V3 basketball, winning four games from six.


In Judo Sean Murphy was first into the fray and was thrown ippon by his Lithuanian opponent; his second fight against a Polish athlete, which lasted the full four minutes, ended with his opponent having scored 2 wazari before time ran out. Both bouts were hard fought and intense but Sean was out of the U 45 kg competition. Chris Palmer followed and won his first bout with an impressive throw for ippon against an Israeli opponent. He lost by 2 wazari to a Swedish opponent after the clock had timed out. He then had a bronze medal fight against another Israeli but lost in an osaekomi hold down of 20 secs. Marko Kauric lost to an Israeli opponent in round 1 with an ippon, while his Slovenian opponent in Round two trapped him after a tremendous battle and won the match on an osaekomi hold down. All three judokas performed with intensity and determination but just fell a little short on the day.


The football team won their two group games on the Thursday, 12-0 against a weak Garliava of Lithuania in game 1, with Irish internationals Sean Mc Grath and Sean Kennedy scoring 4 goals apiece, ably assisted by Leo Gaxha (2),who was one of the most accomplished and hard working of our team in all games, Soni Ramani and Philip Evans, the youngest member of our team in Kaunas. Game 2 against Pesnica of Slovenia ended with a 6-1 final score line, having been tied at 1-1 at half time. It was very tight in the first half with Pesnica taking the lead in the 3rd minute, levelled on 15 minutes by Mc Grath. Once the team scored their second and third in the second half Pesnica seemed to crumble and Tralee, powered on by Junior Ankoma-the team's most consistent player at the Games- and Kevin Goulding went on to win 6-1, with all six goals coming from Kennedy and Mc Grath (3 each). The final group game against Kecskemet of Hungary on Friday morning and ended with a 3-2 victory for Tralee to top the group. Padraig Hilliard was sound in goal throughout and was unlucky not to stop the second goal scored from a rebound after a great save late in the game. Once more Kennedy and Mc Grath (2) were the scorers, with Soni Rramani having a top class game in the middle of the park.
The quarter final saw Tralee paired against Sopron, another of the Hungarian teams. Tralee lost this game 4-2 and so exited the competition but the game will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The lack of sportsmanship displayed by players and officials from Sopron, their win at all costs attitude, the rash of late and dangerous tackles which were never addressed by the referee throughout, and the constant intimidation and trash talking of their opponents, all left a very bad taste in the mouth afterwards.
Irish international Sean Mc Grath had to retire from the game with a knee injury after 15 minutes after a tackle from the goalkeeper which was a stonewall penalty, but never given; Sean Kennedy was the recipient of numerous tackles throughout, some of which were deserving of red cards, and like his fellow international Mc Grath ended up in hospital after the game. Both returned to Tralee in plaster, Kennedy with a cast on his ankle, Mc Grath with a full length cast to immobilise his knee. Tralee ICG intend to write to the Technical Commission of the ICG governing body to complain the lack of officiating and sportsmanship in the match.
Tralee fell behind twice in the match, but each time levelled through Sean Kennedy, whose performance was incredible in the circumstances, and especially after Mc Grath's injury. All of the team responded magnificently to the situation and none more so than Goulding, Gaxha and Rramani. The final two goals were conceded in the fourth last and final minutes. The competition was eventually won by Kecskemet, who had earlier been beaten in the group game by Tralee.
Tralee ICG secretary Mike Culloty said that the overall experience for the teams and supporters remained a positive one despite this one particular game: "It is true that this was a disappointing match, a display of complete lack of sportsmanship. In our 13 years taking teams to the Games this was easily our worst experience on the field of play. However the overall experience of good sportsmanship in competition, of Lithuanian history and culture in our early days in Kaunas, of the wonderful people and their hospitality, and of the significant contribution by our athletes and supporters which enhanced the Games experience of others, will eventually be what is remembered by all. It was fabulous to have so many parents and families with us and they were a constant source of support and help to our athletes and coaches, who once again did a tremendous job supervising and caring for the children. It should be noted that the parents also provided us with many moments of good humour and a bit of craic throughout the week".

The Tralee ICG teams were coached by Liam Culloty, Paul Dolan, Paula Henry and Danny Roche; the head of delegation was John Byrne and all five did a wonderful job of caring for the children at the Games University accommodation and at all relevant events. The teams representing Tralee and Ireland at the Games were:
Soccer: Sean Mc Grath (Park FC), Philip Evans, Leo Gaxha, Junior Ankomah, Sean Kennedy, Soni Rramani, (Tralee Dynamos), Padraig Hilliard, (Castleisland FC), Kevin Goulding (Ratoo Rovers)
Basketball: Rachel Kilgallen, Aoife Dillane, Mary O Connell, Rebecca Conway (Tralee Imperials)
Judo: Chris Palmer, Sean Murphy, Marco Antonio Kauric (Kerry School of Judo)
Athletics: Basit Oyejambi, (Tralee Harriers), Sean Pollmen-Daamen, Tim Pollmen-Daamen (An Riocht)
Tralee ICG acknowledges the support and extends their appreciation to all who helped in any way to make participation at the event possible for these young athletes. Thank you.

Athletes for Kaunas Games

International Children’s Games 2017

Venue: Kaunas, Lithuania, July 04-09, 2017


Kerry athletes bound for Lithuania

Tralee/Kerry will once again participate at this year’s International Children’s Games and Cultural Festival, which will be held in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania from July 04-09. In total 18 athletes from Kerry will participate in what is the thirteenth consecutive year of participation of Tralee ICG at the Games.

Tralee will be represented in boys’ soccer, girls’ basketball, Judo and track and field athletics. The host venue Kaunas, and competition among between 1300-1500 athletes from all around the world, combine to provide an exciting mix of culture, sport, education and social interaction for these young Kerry stars.

“We have been participating and successfully competing at these Games in many disciplines for 12 years now and this year’s event in Kaunas, Lithuania is likely to provide our athletes with fantastic colour and excitement, new experiences of culture in the Baltic states and superb sporting competition” according to Tralee ICG secretary, Mike Culloty.

“While there is much work involved in organising the registration and participation of the athletes it is always worthwhile when one sees the excitement and joys of participation at this level on the faces of our young boys and girls at the event.

“We are the first to admit that this would not be possible without the co-operation of the athlete’s parents and members of the public who are ever supportive of our fund raising efforts. We are also appreciative of the support of local businesses and indeed of Kerry County Council, whom we represent at the Games”.

Teams have been selected to represent Tralee ICG in Judo, Athletics and Ladies 3v3 basketball. The remaining 8 soccer players will be finalised on Sunday evening after the completion of further trials.

The ball is truly up and rolling now for the Kaunas Games and athletes and parents are looking forward to making the necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation and helping with the necessary fundraising activities in the months ahead.

Tralee ICG’s participation at this year’s event will mean that over 300 Tralee and Kerry athletes will have attended the Games since 2005 in cities all over the world in Europe, Asia and North America. The Games provide a fantastic, never to be forgotten experience of international sporting competition, and the opportunity of a lifetime for these young sport stars to pit themselves against their peers from around the world in their chosen sport disciplines.

Tralee, at the present time, remains the only Irish representatives at what is the world’s largest annual multi-sport youth event, which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The efforts of the Tralee ICG voluntary committee is worthy of support and we wish all athletes well in their participation and preparation for the Kaunas Games in July.


Kaunas ICG Teams


Basketball: 3v3

Rachel Kilgallon , Aoife Dillane, Mary O Connell, Rebecca Conway


Chris Palmer, Sean Murphy,Marco Antonio Kauric


Mervyn Shalamba, Basit Oyejambi, Sean Pollmen-Daamen


Sean Mc Grath, Sean Kennedy, Soni Rramani, Padraig Hilliard, Kevin Goulding

Philip Evans, Leo Gaxha, Junior Ankomah,


We wish all our athletes a very successful Games in Lithuania

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